Eyeglasses for women are amazing service

I’ve been wearing these sunglasses for about 2 years and they worked great.Maybe not in all situations,but it was my general goto sunglasses.Then last week,I noticed my nosepad was missing.I decided to contact Duco thru the Amazon page and was able to get a response right away.They told me not to worry and confirmed my order# and address.Once they got that they shipped it right away and I believe it.I emailed them on Friday and I just received my nosepads on Monday.Unbelieveable.I’m going to buy a lighter one for driving now..

I absolutely loves them! He wanted Ray Bans but since I’m on a budget I searched and searched for reasonably price Clubmasters that were identical and these nailed it! The temples,frames and color are the exact same.Definitely purchasing from here again!

I like seeing the world in a nice blue rather than gray,green,or brown that are the usual other choices.These lenses are not true blue lenses but gray lenses with a blue mirror coating on the outside.All in all I rate these sunglasses as a 5 and an exceptional value.Just beware that if you’re buying the blue lenses you’re not going to get true blue lenses but blue mirror coated gray lenses.

The glasses themselves are durable,lightweight and most of all comfortable.My ONLY nitpick would be that the logo on the stem is a bit awkward.Big white letters stand out a bit.I thought I had scratched them about a month ago,but after I scraped the lenses with my fingernail the “scratch” came off.

The polarization does create some patterning that could be distracting.It’s a subtle pattern that I only noticed for the first few drives while using.The glasses aren’t as dark as pictured; your eyes are clearly visible (fellow men,you have been warned).Also,it doesn’t completely eliminate the glare,just strips out most but a dull blue,if you consider that a con.

These glasses are great.Opened the box to see a case with metal clip,which instantly put this product above expectations.Upon opening the case I see my new glasses with a cleaning cloth,soft carrying pouch,a screw driver,and a cheesy little polarization test card.I took the sticker off the lense and cleaned them really well with some rubbing alcohol,and trekked outside.

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