Awesome Wristwatches,heavy however, not bulky

I place a onesimcard card in the watch which accepted it without nagging problems.I have been very happy with its.I used it in Germany and Kazakhstan with zero issues.Didn’t work in Japan because it does not have that 2100GHz channel but it kept time perfectly there.I’ve found it reasonably well-crafted and working great so far.

My nitwit (my nickname for this) is accurate and attractive.I actually accidentally wore or for nearly a whole shower and it was fine.I really like the app also. It is simple to use and it tracks you sleep in deep and light sleep cycles. My hubby and both got 1 plus they are loved by us.

The watch is very easy to change to set the time and Date.The only problem I’ve is that the watch is bulky on the wrist.We purchased this item for the fitness center but it isn’t flat against your wrist thus too fat for working out.Although , I can’t use for working out, this watch is a good watch out for outdoor activities when I don’t want to use my good watch.

This product really works great and it doesn’t look cheap at all.After talking to some close friends which have Fitbits and comparing them, they work nearly the same.The application works great and I haven’t had a problem with the tracker not picking right up my steps or anything.The just things I don’t like is the fact that the application runs in the backdrop all the time, and I do not think it properly calculates the calories burned.

Bought this watch in place of a Daniel Wellington $300 watch because this was a lot more functional for a physician seeing that this has a second-hand.We thought it would not have the ability to review to a elegant DW at less than $30, nonetheless it is fabulous!Appears phenomenal, not bulky not too dainty, extremely neat, goes with any outfit and has gotten me so many compliments!Patients and colleagues all touch upon this watch and it all works very well.Smooth clean suede/leather band.

It has time, day time of week, month, and time of month, stopwatch, alarm, and a signal for every top of the hour. It can military and standard period.That’s about it.The rest on the watch encounter is a waste materials of LEDs, IMO.The LED color options for the trunk light were a surprised (red and purple?!).It’s still running on a single batteries after over a calendar year.Gets wet frequently (don’t really go free diving, therefore i can’t claim about how good it submerges) and is still fine.It actually works fast – I must set it back every few weeks (I value seconds, though).

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