Buy the Watches for looks and purchase it to last

It connects via bluetooth to the application and will track your activities and steps. It will enable message notifications also, and alerts.The charger is integrated in the band.The ONLY downside up to now? The band might wear out and need replaced, where it is eliminated for charging.Battery lasts 2-4 times at a time, depending about how often it is interacted with.

No watch offers ever lasted much longer than 5 years for me personally.I shower, swim, hot tub, and do routine mechanical focus on my vehicles without ever taking the view off.EASILY get greater than a year out from the $12 watch, I shall be impressed. I read a review where the watch died after 8 years.This watch is a minimalist’ dream.Light weight.

The strap is rubbery and comfortable, and the watch is waterproof.I took it to the seaside and even wore it in the shower, it still properly works!My just complaint is that it seems easy to scratch (the face already had a small one on it when We opened the box) but besides that the truth is surprisingly tough.It’s been dropped, bumped, even chewed on by my kitten and still no noticeable damage.

Can’t beat this watch for price or performance.For under $12, you get yourself a product that keeps excellent time and will last many years.While the battery is rated for ten years, the band will give out after 6 or 7 which means under $2/year.Not too bad.The watch crystal is plastic material but I have to admit that after many years of wearing even, the top only has small scratches.I love the fact that you can set two different times.When daylight savings period occurs, just to the next time which is defined one hour different toggle.

This is a great tracker, small but with full functions as I need.It also has Walk/Run/Bike modes for convenient selection. Heart rate measurement is close to my previous fitbit tracker also.The amazing thing is the battery.We fully charged it and it’s really lasting for 10 days and still has maybe 40% left.No need to use any wire to charge.

When I acquired my watch and put it on, I was surprised by the grade of the watch.For a small amount of money just, I was able to get yourself a very lightweight watch that has additional capabilities that I didn’t even understand about.Great watch out for such a minimal price.

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