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I acquired the Oyster color and I’m usually worried with hats, because they appear to always can be found in a single size: Too Little.This hat is large. My head is huge and I have long hair, therefore i want a hat that’s very accommodating. I’ve a heck of a time finding fitting hats and this one is merely perfect. It fits over my head and matches actually. I’ve wasted so much money on ones that they kinda suit, but they sit on the top of my head, therefore easily tilt my mind they simply fall off.

I’ve had this hat for two a few months, and through everything I’ve put it through (rain, sweat, dirt) it still appears completely new. Obviously yeah, It was washed by me, but if I chose not to wash it, it could look brand new to other people. Amazing hat, and incredibly long lasting.It’s incredibly waterproof too.

Most of the reviews because of this hat are centered on the size, and upon scrolling through some of the screen titles it is apparent most of these types of reviews were done by males. Now this business CLEARLY don’t realize this is a female hat, it appears feminine and the sizing reflects that just. Yes, it should be mentioned more by the seller explicitly, but that has nothing to do with the quality of the actual hat!Having said that, this hat adjusts pretty wide.

I bought a couple of these to wear to work. Great hat, for the price particularly. Light weight. Well constructed. Higher quality stitching; the stitching is covered. Built for long hauls and large loads. The only concern I’ve with them is, getting light-weight, they aren’t very absorbent, and I function in a reasonably hot, very high humility environment (you understand, Nebraska, and all that).

Okay, “fit needlessly to say” I have a huge head and as it turns out it “just” fits. We ran the straps out all the real way and tugged them on. Wind isn’t obtaining this caps off my head. But they do suit, which say’s a lot for all us big head guys. And they look great, feel great, plus they look like they’ll last.

Cute hat. Love the colour. It’s not like some of my other low account hats though. This one bothers my ears. But the experience and color of brushed cotton make up for that. My hubby says his is okay for a hat. (His is cute too, simply red rather than blue). I found that one then. Low profile, not vented, and black. The lack of it was made by a logo perfect.

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Comfortable caps and simple to adjust

I bought 1 pink, 1 purple, 10 green and 10 blue baseball caps for my son’s 10th birthday party. They fit great for girls and boys aged 8 up to adults because of the adjustment. Very happy with product, well made and looked specifically like picture – highly recommend.

So usually, to wear an adjustable ball cap such as this one, I must adapt the strap out to the end for it to match. This Dalix cap has a generous amount of extra strap actually. I’m considering that I could have put on this cap even back the days when I still acquired hair. Fits great. I’ll be buying more. And the price is outstanding as well.So especially if you certainly are a big-headed dude like me personally – take heart. If the manufacturing is consistent, this hat will suit.

A couple was bought by me personally of the to wear to work. Great hat, for the price particularly. Light weight. Well constructed. Top quality stitching; the stitching is certainly even covered. Built for long hauls and large loads. The only concern I have with them is, being light weight, they aren’t very absorbent, and I work in a fairly hot, very high humility environment (you understand, Nebraska, and all that).

I like using these hats for working in the spring and summer time. Being a bald man, slathering my head with sunscreen isn’t a lot of fun. When you start to sweat especially. This hat has UV protection. I cannot tell you much about how exactly that ongoing works, but I could say, I’ve not been burnt on top of my mind despite a few May afternoon runs. Yet another bonus is the method it helps keep the sweat out of my eyes by and can be absorbed by the hat itself.

Bought 5 of these in a variety of colours, at less than $6 each, why not. I prefer adjustable caps because, umm, you can adjust them! They appear to be made well enough, good light cotton so great when the elements warms up just a little. Very comfortable indeed and I’m sure I’ll be buying some more from this seller.

While I am no fashionista, I also am not an old codger who no longer cares what they look like, which purchase has been one of the best daily/regular use types I’ve ever made, and at this price a good slow decision maker like myself didn’t take long, if I recall correctly. I recommend this purchase highly.

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Love this perfect and very comfortable hats

Before a chance was had by me to contact them, customer service rep Wendy emailed me about my dissatisfaction and promptly addressed my issue (see below) with courtesy and respect. She ensured I was happy with my buy by replacing the cap. I am very content with their attempts and feel like I was their number one customer. EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE!!! I love the caps and would obtain them again.Thank you.

This hat was the specific style I was looking for. It fits much better than the various other one-size-fits-all similar types out there. Looks great on me or my wife. If that one ever wears out I’d definitely get another. Thick cotton and vent holes plus and flexible back buckle. This hat is well worth it.

I needed a hat for functioning and running outdoors. My requirements for the hat include the need to keep carefully the sun from my head and out of my eyes, stay on my mind while I move about, and keep carefully the sweat out of my eyes. I chosen the oyster color, which is the lightest color, to ensure that the hat does not become too sizzling hot in the sun. The hat is 100% cotton, except the buckle, eyelets, and tags, and washes correct in the laundry with my various other dirty clothes.

This hat pretty much does everything it really is needed by me to be. I possess quite a large head and somewhat of a set face so right billed caps just make my face larger. The curve of the bill shields sunlight away quite well and it slims down your face quite a bit. Aside from that, it’s quite breathable and I like the thought of the strap back again over simple back for a better fitting cap.

Bought 5 of the in various colours, at less than $6 each, why not. I because prefer changeable caps, umm, you can modify them! They appear to be made sufficiently, wonderful light cotton so excellent when the elements warms up a little. Very comfortable indeed and I’m sure I’ll be buying some even more from this seller.

It’s a fairly neat hat. I work in a kitchen and this is a great substitute than hearing the cheap hairnets they’ll make me wear otherwise. It’s small on me but my head is pretty large. It stays on your own head too really. I set you back work and it barely budges despite having slick hair. I’d definitely recommend to anyone who requires a hat for tennis or operating.

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