Gorgeous and affordable Jewellery

Just as expected …a necklace with little elegant pearls that may be worn either for informal events or more elegant events.For the purchase price …it is quite a deal …a good simple necklace that looks great.Recommended for anyone looking for something inexpensive, of quality and elegant.

The Swarovski crystals are beautiful and sparkle with beautiful colors absolutely.I have arthritic fingertips but, was able to clasp it myself on the next try to haven’t taken it off since that time.I bought a second bracelet for my daughter and she’s in love with it also absolutely.She wear it herself while she was in the telephone with me and was astounded by the beauty of the colors.This has to be one of the best buys on Amazon.Well worth every penny!

The only thing I wish was that it had been able to get wet when washing my hands, because sometimes I forget to remove it while i’m washing my hands.up to now it hasn’t switched green (but i’ve only gotten it wet maybe twice) but other than that i love it soo much its the perfect size, not too large, not too small, and i’ve gotten therefore many compliments onto it already.

Great quality sturdy posts, so very much sparkle they appear real.No issues on the metal up to now and I have sensitive skin.They don’t seem like they shall fade/tarnish. They were got by me in the size 4 because i wanted them to be pretty big.They definitely are that and I might even order a size or two smaller for a far more classy look.I think 5s would be way too big on just about anyone but I assume it’s really about personal preference.

I think it is great they are expandable since We had a solid wrist and like this it still dangles.The 3 small charms are so cute, if indeed they only say something like made in the united states even, recycle or energy. Perfect for everyday use or as an accessory for a complete night out.Great present too!Can’t wait to see fresh ones.

I bought these for my partner for our anniversary.My partner collected wild blossoms for years, and preserved them in books etc., so naturally, she loves these earrings.The write-up doesn’t say what the flowers are, but my partner says they are Forget-Me-Nots, which makes them even more appropriate.They are very pretty, real flowers, pressed between glass, with a Silver hooks and band.

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These are quite beautiful and well made Accessories

The necklace comes in a box it doesn’t cut corners on quality.It’s nicely crafted and feels good in the hand.You can tell that there’s a great deal of value in the necklace just by seeing the box–before opening it.Inside is a qualification (AAA) of the pearls, indicating that it is truly made up of freshwater, cultured pearls.At the ultimate end of the night time, she was ecstatic about the necklace and even after telling her the tale of it being truly a backup, it undoubtedly should have been the intended gift the whole time.And so that it became so.

They are well plated over silver.So they’re good for sensitive skin.I wouldn’t worry about losing a stone.The stem adds brilliance to the stone.I have to say for $7.23 that is an excellent buy!!!These are more suited for a adults and teenager.These are nice for everyday wear.I’d even wear them when socializing at parties or other formal events.People would confuse these with gemstone studs.They are that good!!You know they’re CZ.In the final end.These are well packaged and will get to 2 days.A good purchase for you or a gift for someone really.

I think this could be user error but the metal and crystals are MUCH darker than the picture, and I don’t think they are crystals, it appears like pebbles.Anyway, I purchased one particular that’s silver and I love it a LOT better than the dark metallic.Edited to include that after my review I was contacted by the seller who was very very kind and wanted to send me a new necklace But still keep this 1.I love the fact that the seller really went out of their method to help me with my concern!

Upon searching on Amazon, I managed to purchase the precise one that I needed for her.My shipment came in quickly and the bracelet was packaged with the description card and a beautiful box.I could not be happier with my purchase, she loved her gift!I would recommend to anyone who cannot find a specific bracelet style that they want from this brand, to check out Amazon because there is a huge selection to pick from first. I will be repurchasing other attraction bracelets from here later on!

Each time I wear this, I receive compliments and inquiries.It is quite comfortable to wear, without excessively moving, and it nicely plays, generally, with my clothing.(Be aware: We wore it with a finely woven clothing that it did tug at a bit, but I have problems with this blouse, no matter what necklace/pendant I wear.) I have not yet observed any discoloration to my skin or clothing, from this piece, nor have got any fading/peeling/dulling/etc was noticed by me of the piece, itself.The stones and wiring beautifully have remained secure, too.

I feel just like the green is a great color to go with, it looks pretty and natural.I simply like the tree roots manufactured from metal, this is a nice piece that appears to be handmade really.I’ve been researching the meanings of the tree of lifestyle and the various stones you can find in it, for some time before I chose this one now. To make sure I got the one which was right for me with the right stones for me.

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Stay Classy Bracelet at its best pricing now

Better looking than I expected for the cost.The large stones are lavender and it fastens easier than another bypass bracelet bought elsewhere.A lot of bling!Another buyer complains of sizing issue, but with my size 6.5 or 7 wrist it is fine, and will even be pushed up on the arm about 4 in . beyond the wrist bones.

I literally could not believe something so wonderful could arrive at such a humble cost and become shipped to my door in two in such elegant packaging.The picture shall never do that piece justice.You have to experience this bracelet first hand to fall in love.Also, added bonus, the clasp is generous and adjustable extremely.

The 1 carat may be the perfect size for me.I wanted them as a 2nd set in my ear.I wear real diamond hoops in the very first piercing and needed something to move with them.So glad I ordered these.They look real and they are not too large or too small.I really can’t get over how sparkly they are.They really do look real.

However, these appear to be very unobtrusive and definitely not gaudy. I might even go so far as to call them elegant. The end result is that she regularly has been putting on them, choosing them over a lot more expensive jewelry.We were holding hands down the best <$30 jewelry I've ever purchased.I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking for something inexpensive and out of the ordinary.

This was bought as one of our children initials and it had been an extremely special Mother’s Day gift.I always anticipate seeing new offerings and trying to figure out if they will have meaning to my wife.Up to now, I haven’t gone incorrect with a new Alex and Ani charm!

I bought these 24 months ago and wore them day in and full day trip.My ears are often super delicate and it’s hard to find inexpensive earrings that will not irritate them!These do not!They got lost on a journey and now that I’ll be having a baby in a few weeks, I needed to have studs again so he doesn’t rip my ears off!Reordered these – still only as great!Sturdy, great size (5 mm), and do not irritate my ears.:)

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Fantastic Jewelry At A Great Price

I think this might be user error but the metal and crystals are MUCH darker than the picture, and I don’t believe they are crystals, it appears like pebbles.Anyway, I purchased a single that’s silver and I like it a LOT better than the dark metal.Edited to include that following my review We was contacted by the seller who was very very kind and offered to send me a fresh necklace AND still keep this one.I really like the fact that owner really went of their method to greatly help me with my issue!

I did so my research about this14K Gold 7-8mm Light Freshwater Cultured Pearl, and found it to be highest in quality and worth with excellent reviews.I bought this for Xmas present and I am certain my wife will love these since she hardly ever owned any kind of quality Pearls simply because these.It shall be awesome when she wears them!I am sold on Pearl Source as #1 in my own book.

All came with authenticity cards.I have no reason to believe these are fake bc I’ve seen the exact ones at Nordstrom Rack.Reviewers stating the silver is too shiny or the stamping is blurry, I believe are comparing them to the nickel finished bracelets.

I was concerned about ordering jewelry off of the internet initially. Something like pearls especially, where there is a lot of wiggle area for what is regarded as a ’round’ pearl.The Pearl Source didn’t disappoint.These pearls are properly round, beautiful and large!I bought these for my girlfriend and We am definitely going to recommend that other people utilize the Pearl Source in the future!

5 minutes and 3 clicks later, the necklace was in it’s way for a price that, ironically, was less than I spent on oysters at content hour few weeks earlier.To state that she thrilled will be an understatement and I thought they looked beautiful, although I’m even more of a connoisseur on their creator instead of their creation.Overall we couldn’t be more pleased.

This piece is beautiful, and I think it is to end up being represented by the photos supplied by the seller accurately. One be aware to consider is usually that the packaging is definitely a clear plastic material wrapping basically, which is not perfect for gifting.This piece also includes a black nylon replacement necklace as well as the chain shown in the pictures.Overall, a really great buy that made my mom happy.Can’t ask for more than that.

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Designer Circlet at its best pricing for females and girl

The stones are excellent and clear, can see different sparkly colors.The posts are the longer version which works best for me.I am looking for a while for affordable cz’s but just about all I’ve noticed are pretty flimsy and not that exciting- in fact, most have bent posts.This pair appears well made and are certainly more sturdy than the ones I’ve looked at in the shops around $30.

I had initially with all this item a 1-star review only because it had broken on the first adjustment my girl did to it.We immediately got contacted by the seller and use me into conference my expectations.This is why I’m giving them a 5-star review now, great customer support and to be honest, the ring is very beautiful.It happens, sometimes items are defected and I’m glad they were able to fix it.

The presentation and packaging is exceptional.The box is quite fitting of an exquisite piece.The necklace itself exceeded my expectations.The pearls are of a lovely quality and ate well matched in color and size.The knotting in between each pearl is perfect.

I think it really is great that they are expandable since We had a heavy wrist and like that it still dangles.The 3 little charms are so cute, even if they only say something like made in the united states, recycle or energy. Perfect for everyday use or as an item for a full night out.Great gift too!Can’t wait to see fresh ones.

The boxes alone were worth the price of the earrings.The earrings look like very good quality diamonds truly. The main one carat size is ideal and believable.They would make perfect vacation or travel earrings, so you can have your bling but not worry about losing them.

Beautiful necklace that came in a good little bag.The details and intricacy is phenomenal.It includes a second chain, so that you can swap away the chain for a smaller sized chain.Great for personal put on, or as something special.The tree of life has many different means thought time and cultures.The beautiful representation of the roots that dig deep, the trunk a foundation, the branches reaching for sustenance, the leaves that gather strength, and the fruit that gives of itself.This piece of jewelry represents this beautifully.

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Excellent handcrafted Jewellery

So unique and beautiful.I think that they are forget-me-nots which have a particular meaning to our family.Gift for my daughter for a special ocassion plus they are loved by her.Silver marked with silver stamp, blooms are in a acrylic type material which makes them lightweight.

I think it really is great that they are expandable since We had a thick wrist and like this it still dangles.The 3 little charms are so cute, if indeed they only say something similar to made in the united states even, recycle or energy. Perfect for everyday use or as an accessory for a complete night out.Great gift too!Can’t wait to see new ones.

Now I have to figure out what to get her for her birthday when it comes around in once again 🙂 Her daughter told me about the Alex and Ani jewelry and said they both loved it.She’s several of the bangles and that gave me the essential idea to get one on her behalf mom, my pal.She liked it.It was shipped/arrived promptly, as described and incredibly well packaged.Overall happy with the purchase.

Well packaged in a drawstring velour-like pouch (the dark base/box is only used to highlight the colours).I obviously didn’t read the description, as We didn’t realize what size the pendant is.It cam with two chains (the shorter 18 chain is in its own bag to avoid tangling).The colours are vibrant!Very well designed.I like the silver, but may possibly move with copper to keep it more ‘earthy.’

Well, kudos to them for being confident within their product!I have to say that We didn’t expect an excessive amount of considering the price, and the known fact that I could only spend the money for smaller size, but wow, I had a large smile on my face when that box was opened by me.The presentation is great, and it appears luxurious.The 7-8mm size looks ideal for my wife; I’m glad I didn’t proceed any bigger.

The quality is excellent and the design is very modern without having to be cheap.I had currently seen these bracelets because my older girl owns a single with her sorority’s logo as a bangle and she loves hers.For the price you can’t go wrong.It will be fun to add other bracelets to the collection as well as perhaps mix finishes and metals.

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The Jewellery seems genuine to me

Dealing with myself to a Valentine’s day gift this year!The crystals are of exceptional quality.Plenty of light emanates from them.I’m just a little concerned about the strength of the chain, but it isn’t a daily put on bracelet.The crystals are not weighty either overly, so the chain should endure.This bracelet fits a small to average size wrist due to the size of the stones.I’d say, if your wrist size is certainly more than 7.25, it may not work with the adjustable length of the chain even. The presentation in the gift box is very nice overall.

Having a nice set of Cultured Pearls is usually a wardrobe NECESSITY designed for all young Southern Ladies.My husband and I have 4 granddaughters and each right time a single celebrates a sixteenth birthday, we order the 18 length of Light Freshwater Cultured pearls to provide as a gift.These pearls from the Pearl Source at Amazon.com.are the ideal duration ….falling in specifically the right i’m all over this the upper upper body,,,,,to wear with sweaters, open neck blouses, formal wear, or even accessorizing a t shirt and jeans!

The pricing on them is excellent too.If I lose them, there’s nothing to be concerned about !Plus I shower with my earrings on, so these plain things have some abuse to endure!I bought two pairs, one for now, and one mainly because a backup.I also loved how easy the relative back again fastened the earring to my earlobe.Some other studs I’ve owned previously hurt my ears, but they are a dream.

There’s no difference between your ones I purchased on Amazon then the ones at the store at Nordstrom Rack or the Paper Store, I went with the Amazon ones to compare.The first one I purchased was November it came in a box with card and the July one did also.We had the November silver finish off for over a month now and hasn’t tarnished.July gold end today i just received my.

The other post was indeed tucked inside the pouch – not in a plastic bag deeply.Interesting presentation.I put them in an earring box instead of the pouch/box they came in. Back to the good part – my child wears them a lot more often than she is done by her .5 ct gemstone posts because they are larger and she receives compliments when she wears them always.

I know some other testimonials mentioned that the blossoms in their earrings were not really the same as the photo, or too dead/colorless but that was not the full case with the earrings We received. They looked almost identical to the photo on the listing.Maybe it’s good luck of the draw however the recipient was happy with the earrings.

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Shiny Dangler available online for women and girl

These are even prettier personally.The hooks are alright – not the worst, however, not the strongest, either.There is a bit of weight to the earrings, but nothing that could prevent me from wearing them all day or forever.The resin is crystal clear, and the flowers were all smooth and bright. These earrings are liked by me, and highly recommend them.

This was my first-time buying pearls ever, therefore i didn’t really know what to expect.I saw the purchase price and was a little skeptical, but after reading all of the reviews I was ordered and convinced a necklace.I recieved the order promptly, the packaging was great.It came in a padded envelope and the container seems pretty fancy.

I couldn’t find anything I must say i liked until I came across this 1 and it’s really definitely an eyes catcher!!When you get the bracelet it has 2 different clasps on it so if you have really small wrists you may take one off and it will fit better.It really is a stunner truly, beautiful!!!

Breastfeeding has made me enthusiastic about trees of life so when I found this necklace, I had to have it just!It’s a lot bigger than We expected it to be (I thought it was a little smaller than a quarter) and I really like it!It’s so beautifully made and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!The little present bag it came in is absolutely soft and it makes me feel like my beautiful necklace is safe and protected in it.

This ring is adjustable fully, making it extremely easy for me to take on and off and wear on any finger.The opal color is shiny and vibrant and the gold is of high quality as I have already been wearing it for many times and my finger hasn’t turned green in the slightest.This ring can be an awesome addition to any outfit.It is also dainty and may be worn on the same finger with another band as well.Their products are created extremely well, which product is zero exception to that.

They had just a little weight to them which I really liked, and better yet, she really liked the clasp! I had purchased a couple of ear rings from this ongoing organization previously and she loved them.This was part II to that present and she (and I!) couldn’t be happier.They are fresh water pearls, meaning that they’re just as lovely simply because those you get from the wild, except it’s done responsibly and sustainability.

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