Durable View and comfortably fits

Easy to create and can have a beating!I’ve worn it pretty much every day time.I’ve gone coastal angling, river swimming, and work in a butcher shop, and this view has kept up with me without a nagging problem. I can clean it daily with soap and hot water and also have no issues.Great watch for a great price, and it even fools the informal attention into thinking it’s a much more expensive G-shock.

I place a onesimcard card in the view which accepted it with no nagging problems.I have been happy with its.I used it in Germany and Kazakhstan with zero issues.Didn’t work in Japan since it does not have that 2100GHz channel nonetheless it kept time perfectly there.I have found it well made and working great so far reasonably.

This watch does everything the true name brand can do but at a lower cost.It is comfortable to wear.It tracks your heartrate, steps, calories burnt and how long you sleep also. You can also customize the fitness tracker activities to the types you need.Once connected with the app, it’ll give contact message and notification. It includes a good battery existence also. It had been charged by me full when i received it seven days ago, it still has 35% of battery left according to the phone app, which is certainly another plus!

We am trying to lose more weight so I’m excited because of this!I have looked all over for a decently priced fitness tracker and idea this was a steal of a offer!It syncs with my iPhone nicely really, it is very alert with whatever activity I am doing and I must end up being honest and say it functions much better than most in shape bits which are so expensive.?

I’m a nrusing student and yes, I know I should use a genuine watch with a second hand but my millenial/iGen eye can’t handle making the effort to read and find out what time it is LMAO.Anyways, this watch is big for my petite wrist kinda.Easy to completely clean (since u never know what ur touching in a healthcare facility) and pretty cool looking!Techniques people into thinking a gshock is definitely had by me haha.

What l I love about this Fitbit, is that it’s really simple to use and I can make it wherever I go.And that the fact that it tracks my everyday life, sleep hours, and heart beat.And the screen, it’s clear and bright plenty of for me to see it at night.

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