Good fit and fine quality of fabric hat

That is a cool hat get the Khaki colour or the types with a Velcro back, it’s sits better on your own Noggin and looks so much better then your sliding clip / non Velcro versions. Hopefully the provider or manufacturer transformation all the colors to the Velcro backing and style of the Khaki then you can get a great hat in the color you want, whatever that maybe.

This was mostly of the caps without a logo that I was able to find for my hubby. It had been available with free Prime shipping and free return shipping and very reasonably priced. It comes in a variety of colors, has an variable strap and is constructed of cotton. I think it looks a little snug on his small head just, but he says it’s perfect. He wears it for daily walks and walking and especially likes the soft lightly loaded lining around the internal rim as the visor is pretty stiff. Can’t beat the purchase price or the offer.

I bought this for my 9 year old child to use as part of a study project where they had to outfit as someone who positively impacted our state. This hat matched perfectly to the woodland camo jeans we got at the army surplus shop. It made the difference in her demonstration really. It flawlessly fit her head.

I ordered a single, and after a couple of days wearing it, I ordered six more. Right now I have my daily wear function cap to get filthy and fade, one to degrade, and five spares so I won’t have to go through the whole cap replacement process for several years to come.After 25 years of cap wearing I have finally found the main one. I am resisting the urge to buy 10 more, but I believe I will. That will be certain I do not have to handle the hat search once again.

I liked the first one of these I bought, so I grabbed another. That should tell you enough. Very lightweight, dries quickly, fits properly, slightly oversized (however, not awkward) costs for extra shade, etc. My go to running, paddling, backyard work, etc etc etc hat. But the extraordinary thing, setting it aside from *dozens* of hats over the years is usually how conveniently it cleans up: I’ve run both through the washer *and* dryer several times, and they turn out looking like new.

Ok this is a hat that you could test out, without spending a huge amount of money…heck you get two for less then the price of one! They do fit just a little different than the aged ball cap however the materials appear to be of good quality and the design and colors are simple and sweet. Heck if you don’t like them you, strap one on the pooch and let him be cool!

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