Great quality look and comfort glasses without needing to break

The accessories that come with the glasses are awesome. Why four of five stars you ask instead ? The nose pieces certainly are a Little hard and after wearing all full time the bridge of the nasal area, at least mine is definitely a little tender but was all set the next day. Maybe a little softer piece would help. The blue color appears good. And the framework is metal. You will not go wrong for the price of these, hell the accerories by itself are worth $25

Purchased these for my hubby who is constantly misplacing his glasses. He asked for raybans but I couldn’t fathom spending the amount of money on them understanding he’d probably eliminate or break them within a few months. Ordered these on a whim therefore HAPPY with them. The product packaging + quality is a lot more than what I expected for the price! Will be ordering from them again definitely!

Don’t get me incorrect, it comes across very endearing, such as a baby owl learning to hunt, just an observation. So anyways. . . . . i HIGHLY recommend these sunglasses and feel just like this duco brand includes a bright future if they keep treating their customers like the precious endangered species they are. . . . done well!!!!!

They fell out of my pocket in Costco and I lost them. They looked great, felt good, these were light, and the polarizing was good at cutting glare when driving and fishing really. After stepping on them, only one lens cracked part way through surprisingly. When the materials rebounded, you could barely start to see the crack. I wore them for per month before stepping on them and another week before shedding them in Costco.

Figured they’d have scratches. . . . . Nope. The zoom lens are holding up very well and the eyeglasses still look completely new! This ongoing company does it RIGHT! Build quality feels solid. I hardly ever felt like they would break or harm. They come with a mini wrench to modify and tighten where needed. The packaging is also quite nice including the carry case.

The shown picture will not do the sunglasses justice. The real sunglasses look much better. The sunglasses are fashionable, light, in shape well, and the polarization is great. If you only received the sunglasses they would be worth more than you payed for them but additionally to the sunglasses you get a hard/soft case with a metal belt clip, a fabric case that can may also be used to clean the lens (exact same cloth case that was included with my Oakleys), another cleaning cloth of the same material as the fabric case and a little screwdriver.

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