Love this perfect and very comfortable hats

Before a chance was had by me to contact them, customer service rep Wendy emailed me about my dissatisfaction and promptly addressed my issue (see below) with courtesy and respect. She ensured I was happy with my buy by replacing the cap. I am very content with their attempts and feel like I was their number one customer. EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE!!! I love the caps and would obtain them again.Thank you.

This hat was the specific style I was looking for. It fits much better than the various other one-size-fits-all similar types out there. Looks great on me or my wife. If that one ever wears out I’d definitely get another. Thick cotton and vent holes plus and flexible back buckle. This hat is well worth it.

I needed a hat for functioning and running outdoors. My requirements for the hat include the need to keep carefully the sun from my head and out of my eyes, stay on my mind while I move about, and keep carefully the sweat out of my eyes. I chosen the oyster color, which is the lightest color, to ensure that the hat does not become too sizzling hot in the sun. The hat is 100% cotton, except the buckle, eyelets, and tags, and washes correct in the laundry with my various other dirty clothes.

This hat pretty much does everything it really is needed by me to be. I possess quite a large head and somewhat of a set face so right billed caps just make my face larger. The curve of the bill shields sunlight away quite well and it slims down your face quite a bit. Aside from that, it’s quite breathable and I like the thought of the strap back again over simple back for a better fitting cap.

Bought 5 of the in various colours, at less than $6 each, why not. I because prefer changeable caps, umm, you can modify them! They appear to be made sufficiently, wonderful light cotton so excellent when the elements warms up a little. Very comfortable indeed and I’m sure I’ll be buying some even more from this seller.

It’s a fairly neat hat. I work in a kitchen and this is a great substitute than hearing the cheap hairnets they’ll make me wear otherwise. It’s small on me but my head is pretty large. It stays on your own head too really. I set you back work and it barely budges despite having slick hair. I’d definitely recommend to anyone who requires a hat for tennis or operating.

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