Perfect Hats sale for child and women too

I’m a lady, but We have a big head and incredibly thick hair. Many women’s hats are as well small for me. I was worried this would be too small, but made a decision to try it since the price was low. I’m pleased I did! The back of the hat adjusts in size with velcro and I’ve it arranged at around the center. Plenty of room to spare. The style is good and quality is decent. I ordered the khaki color and today I’m going to order some more.

I have probably and average to slightly big head because We have plenty of chemo curls, but having said that, I love the way it matches and is adjustable. I like that the front rise on the hat it taller than many others that I have as I really do embroidery, or high temperature transfers on them to outfit them up. If somebody has a little head, it may be a little large…..but maybe the adjustment would look after that. It will be extremely blingy when I get done with it.

It’s made of quality materials and therefore holds both its shape and color despite the fact that I address it rather carelessly, frequently piling other clothing along with it, and cleaning it with heavy coats and what not. As far as size goes, I wore a 7/1/2 cap in the Navy and i am fitted by this cap perfectly. But also, due to its greater than normal height and its range of adjustment, two other members of my children with smaller heads found it comfortable to wear also.

Nice simple deep crimson (maroon) colored cap. I have already been searching for caps and needed a red one. However, I couldn’t discover this color anywhere in stores and ended up buying another cap that was too bright. This red is much more subtle. I should’ve checked Amazon prior to making a non-refundable purchase. Lesson learned! That is also a very nice fit, adjustable also fully. You can’t go wrong for the price.

Yep, this baby is the best. I’ve had it for just a little over three years- it noticed me through high school and it’s still in great shape given that I’m in university. Castro hats look great on about everyone simply, but ECOnscious in particular can be an awesome brand. All the other castro hats I’ve bought have got a velcro adaptable strap. That is right, velcro (the stuff that gets caught in your hair and looks ridiculously cheap). But this hat is excellent: soft, edgy, and conveniently changeable with a cotton strap.

I have a big head. By my rough estimate, I have somewhere within a 7 3/4 and 8 hat size (by rough estimate, I mean wrapping a USB cable around my head, therefore, you know, I could become off). I also don’t like tight hats (they give me headaches). Most hats in stores don’t fit. I’ve purchased several hats from Amazon, just to be disappointed.

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