The clarity of vision when viewing through these glasses

I have never bought a pair of sunglasses without trying them on before, kinda like jeans you never know how they will fit or look until you try them on. But, I needed a set of glasses fast and no time to shop. These are the very best pair of eyeglasses I have bought in years, comfortable, they look great, time shall tell but they seem pretty durable. I took a gamble in buying and it completely paid off. I would even buy another pair just to have an extra pair. For the price you cannot go wrong, I have payed for glasses that broke in 2 months.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve owned two pairs of Oakley glasses, having paid over $100. 00 for every pair. I used them for biking and running most of the time, with added make use of while driving, to lessen reflective glare. I felt that the purchase price was value it, given the known fact my eyes will be protected from from rocks to sunlight glare, and the known fact that they lasted so long.

The sunglasses carries a rigid case, a pouch, lens cleaning cloth, and a mini screwdriver with the glasses. Better yet, mine had a coupon inside for $5 off yet another pair! I am right now using that coupon best. Your investment other similarly styled eyeglasses on here. Duco may be the brand for me.

I usually have trouble finding glasses that look right on my big head. These fit perfectly. I was amazed at the look and feel of these for the price. I think they are equivalent to glasses that are more than twice the price at a store. They seem very durable and the lenses don’t seem to distort at all. They fit snuggly but not too tight. And the nasal area pads are comfortable.

Real customer here, zero incentives give because of this review. I anticipated these to be trashy sunglasses but they’re surprisingly top quality. I’m used to top quality Oakleys and these aren’t definately not it. My primary gripes are that this company doesn’t offer the same variety of designs and lenses that Oakley will. I’m used to thin metallic frames but these look nice too. They are rather thick. I could match my Oakleys in my own pocket and these do not always. I must carry them instead. Both are resilient to warping, unlike other similar products.

I gave it 4/5 instead of 5/5 because in longer drives(45 a few minutes+) it starts to do something like a pressure stage directly on the bone between my upper ear/mind and I must slightly lift/adjust the arms to alleviate the pressure. So not sure if it’s a size factor or what, but I’m going to order a 2nd set for my various other car.

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